Probably, like most women, I have felt a lump in my breast by accident: first, it appeared on one, and it was the size of a nut, and then on the other, only smaller. I immediately went to the doctor and, after the ultrasound, he sent me to oncology. I was afraid of surgery and refused going "under the knife" and was more sure of my decision after my doctor said he could not guarantee that after surgery the cells will not spread.

After four years of normal life, lumps were still present but I did not want to remove them. One day I met a friend who recommended Si plus which is designed for problems of breast cysts. When I realized that this is a completely natural product I immediately bought it and started using it. After the second pack I felt that lumps are getting smaller. I didn’t stop the therapy but took the third pack after which the lumps completely disappeared. I am very happy that I did not succumb to persuasion to have a surgery. Si Plus was so pleasant to use and I experienced no side effects during the use, said Danka.

At the age of 28 I felt tingling in my breasts. I have regularly been to medical check-ups and the results were always satisfactory. I was worried and decided to get an ultrasound. I was diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia with formation of microcysts, several cysts in both breasts. Even though doctors kept saying that the cysts should only be monitored regularly, that there isn’t any particular cure, I still wanted to make them disappear. I came across information about Si plus on the internet. I was encouraged by the fact that the product is herbal-based and has been proven as effective, so I decided to try it. One Si plus pack was enough to make cysts completely disappear.

Three years ago, at the age of 40, she was confronted with very serious migraines. As she says, they were exclusively related to the menstrual cycle.

Two days before or two days after my period, I was tormented by terrible pains. Each month, since 2008. – says Marija and explains: - I had a textbook example of migraine – tremendously strong pains not responded to any of the analgesic, with intense vomiting and then I would mostly end on infusion.

My social life changed as well – continues Maria and adds: - I lived in fear and everyday anticipation. Every twinge in a certain part of my head caused fear that it will be followed by migraine. I went in search of drugs – official, alternative and traditional medicine. I went to 20 acupuncture treatment, sought help in various specialized centers for migraine, but it did not help. They eased my pain, but didn't neutralize it.

Due to circumstances, Mrs. Mihailović found out about Si plus and got the urge to try it.

The product is completely natural so I had no doubts. I drank two teaspoons of syrup a day and regularly applied breast milk. In addition to reducing cancer risk factors, Si plus normalizes hormones in the body, and thus influences neutralization of menstrual pain, and my migraines were related to hormonal problems.

Beginning of October 2011, Maria took Si plus for the first time.

I started keeping a diary about migraines each month– said Marija and added: - I used Si plus entire October, November and in December intensity of pain decreased and I only felt, as I called them, "few strikes a day" , painful flashes through my head. In January I felt certain pain once a day, like a pressure in my head. After six doses of Si plus pain disappeared.

Since then, Maria’s menstrual cycle is regular.

My periods sometimes lasted for 10 days with heavy bleed, and they were not regular. Now I get my period on the same day each month and the bleeding doesn't last longer than five days.

Mrs. Mihailović pointed out, and she has medical documentation to prove so, that she no longer has thickened uterus and polycystic ovaries.

I was previously prescribed with hormone therapy for my discomforts, with recommendation that if it doesn't work, I would have to undergo explorative curettage.

While taking hormones Maria felt fine. As soon as she would stop, symptoms returned.

10 days ago I went to my regular gynecological examination and doctors did not find anything. No ovarian cyst, no thickening. My genital tract was completely clean. All this happened after 15 days of using Si plus. Through heavy bleeding, everything that needed to be exploratory removed came out.