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About us

Payper Pharm Naturale history A group of doctors, enthusiastic about natural and traditional methods of treatment, with experience in international and European medical centers and research institutions, has founded "Payper pharm naturale", with desire to improve efficiency in prevention and treatment of various diseases, after years of work and monitoring many cases of illness development and treatment.

Pharmacological products "Payper pharm naturale", are based on medicinal plants that turn into the most effective medications today, through technological processes, without the influence of chemicals.

"Payper pharm naturale" team consists of registered pharmacists and doctors of biochemistry, as well as associated members from other fields of medicine.

Recipes for products have been collected, tested and proven through persistent and hard work. In its archives, "Payper pharm naturale" possesses over one hundred thousand recipes from various fields of medicine and pharmacy.

"Payper pharm naturale" perspective is to establish cooperation with all scientific institutions interested in development and research of natural methods of treatment and prevention.