About us

Payper Pharm Naturale DOO is a domestic pharmaceutical company founded in 2011 and to this day has grown into one of the leading companies in this field both in Serbia and in the region.

Doctors of science of the company Payper Pharm Naturale DOO in the field of pharmacy and biochemistry worked together in a production plant in Obrenovac on the testing and production of drugs, dietary supplements and preparations of general use.

The formulations for our preparations have been collected, tested, and proven by the persistent decades of hard work of our doctors of science.

Social Responsibility

As we have organized educational seminars over the years, published scientific work on various platforms, worked on raising awareness about health and prevention of various diseases, Payper Pharm Naurale DOO and all its employees have made society better, more successful and healthier by their personal example.

Quality policy

In order to improve the quality of our products and the continuous development of the company, we have introduced some of the highest standards of quality management systems ISO 9001 and HACCP.


The goal

The common goal of the expert team of our company was to produce some of the most effective preparations of today from technological plants from medicinal plants, without the influence of chemicals.

Although we do not have a wide range of products, our consumers have gained confidence in the recognizable quality that has become a symbol of our company.


The mission of Payper Pharm Naturale DOO is reflected in the slogan "Health in your home", be healthy and use all the beautiful moments in life with our products.

In achieving our mission of improving the quality and health of people, we are ready to cooperate with all scientific institutions interested in the development and research of preparations on a natural basis.