Women of all ages are subject to change at the point of irregular attitude of hormones during the life. Estrogen and progesterone, two hormones which are cyclically produced in woman’s body during every month, can come into a state of imbalance and disordered attitude. That causes appearance called hormonal imbalance which can exceptionally affect woman’s health.

Causes that may lead to state of imbalance between hormones are usually accompanied through the certain life stages. Hormonal disorders are visible in period of puberty, reproductive period, premenopausal period, postmenopausal period and during the premenstrual period.

The risk of development of breast cancer is bigger, in older age, in menopausal period, by decreasing level of progesterone, by removing ovaries, by using oral contraceptives, by hormonal therapy. The risk of development of breast cancer is connected with domination of estrogen and its derivatives. The involution of ovulation and decreasing secretion of progesterone in older age leads to increase secretion of progesterone which affect excessive overgrowth of cells which are partly subjects to mutations, they turn into tumor cells. By solving hormonal imbalance the level of progesterone leads to normal and milk nodes are calmed.

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