International month against breast cancer

Breast cancer makes the leading cause of obolevanja and death of malignant diseases in the female population worldwide.

It is the most common cancer in women, in developed and in less developed parts of the world.
According to official records of Serbia's public health institute, "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut" in the republic of Serbia has registered 3594 novootkrivenih cases of breast cancer, while 1647 women lost their battle with this disease at the godisnjem level. Available professional literature shows that when breast cancer is discovered on time over 90 % of the treatment of treatment has good weather. However, due to the late detection of disease cancer, it's still very high.

October, as an international month of fighting breast cancer, marks in many countries around the world, to turn attention to the breast cancer breast and raise awareness of the importance of prevention and early discovery, as well as the possibilities of timely treatment of a person breast cancer.

Since the causes of breast cancer are not fully clarified, early detection of this disease represents the sight of secondary prevention of breast cancer. In order to reduce the mortality of this disease and breast cancer in which the previous phase, as well as the quality quality of the life of obolelih women, the world health organization promote national programmes for breast cancer.

Following the recommendations of the world health organisations and European countries with experience in the enforcing populacionih programme, in the republic of Serbia has begun to carry out a programme of organised breast cancer, which aims to reduce the mortality rate and upgrade the quality of the life of women obolelih

Organized screening cancer means calling and and (())) population population population population population population population population once every every every every on on on on on every every.. on When breast cancer is discovered in the early stages of disease, the use of adequate therapy and continuing treatments can save life and improve the quality of the life of obolelih women. One of the objectives of enforcing's organized breast cancer is also a promotion to the women's consciousness of early detection of breast cancer and regular screening review, as well as strengthening the capacity of healthcare facilities for enforcement breast cancer.

Pre-emptive examinations are performed by the gynecologist and doctor general medical, when a doctor is examined by a woman and if the life age of 50 to 65 years of life is directed at mammogram, but if it is women who are younger than 50 years old, The Physician at the screening is estimated whether the woman will be addressed to the mammogram or an ultrasound breast exam, or will only perform a palpatorni breast exam which is sufficient. Women in their family history have close relatives with operisanim breast cancer (Mother, sister) these examinations are reported without any calls, regularly and more than once in a period of two years.

In this month, we are reminded of women that if they belong to the age of 50 to 69 years, visit their gynecologist or doctor general practice and do a pre-emptive exam. This practice should be repeated once in a period of two years.

The Target population during activities in October are also the health workers of a different profile, before all of the gynecologists and doctors of general, whose role in this month's struggle against breast cancer is to information the patient that a preview of the early detection of breast cancer needed, desirable and available, as well The type of review is advised depending on the years of life and hereditary genetic factors.