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What foods should you avoided to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Published: 05/11/2015

As we have said before breast cancer is by far the most widespread disease of cancer for women.Life style and nutrition play a big role, and small changes can greatly reduce their risk of getting this disease . 

Only by avoiding the following foods can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer : 

- Red meat. Saturated fats are brought bound with the development of breast cancer in menopause and decreases the chances of an illness. 

- Avoid eating meat whose preparation time is too long, and eat it less than 70-90 grams per day. Food from the grill can produce carcinogens. 

- Cakes, cakes and pastries. Beware of "hidden fat" this treat and avoid trans fatty acids that increase cholesterol levels and the level of "good" cholesterol (HDL) reduces. 

- Sugar. Refined sugar raises blood sugar levels and increases insulin koncentaciju - a known risk factor for developing breast cancer. 

- Meat products. Some preservatives used in the manufacture of products such as bacon, ham and frankfurters are considered carcinogenic. 

- Of course, we must not forget that alcohol consumption is closely linked with increased risk of breast cancer. Three or more drunk alcoholic drinks per day can increase the risk of cancer by 40-50%! 

If, notwithstanding the application of a healthy diet regime comes to the appearance of cysts , benign and malignant changes in the breast it is necessary to use 100 % natural product Si Plus - For a healthy woman's breasts that removes all health problems without any surgical intervention! 

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