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What should you eat to reduce the risk of breast cancer ?

Published: 05/11/2015

Breast cancer is by far the most wide spread disease of cancer for woman.Life style and nutrition play a big role, and small changes can greatly reduce their risk of getting this disease .

It is clear that the influence of food is an important factor , especially when you consider that breast cancer is more common in the West three times more than in the East. Scientific studies have shown that analyzes of the Mediterranean diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer , especially in postmenopausal women.


Try to eat at least five portions (400 g) of vegetables and fruits a day. Here's why :

- Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants that prevent the oxidation process , responsible for the development of cancer
-An excellent source of fiber , which is proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer
- Plants such as soy contains phytoestrogens that mimic estrogens that are in your body. This regenerates the estrogen production of our body and in this way prevents the cancer cells to grow.
- Vegetables such as broccoli , Brussels sprouts , cauliflower , kale and cabbage are excellent producers of nutrients that have been shown to prevent formation of cancer cells and their spread .
- Beans and other legumes are an excellent source of fiber and vegetable proteins that help your body to repair the damage , caused by treatments of cancer treatment.

If, notwithstanding the application of a healthy diet regime comes to the appearance of cysts , benign and malignant changes in the breast it is necessary to use 100 % natural product Si Plus - For a healthy woman's breasts that removes all health problems without any surgical intervention!

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