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Si plus - For Healthy Women’s Breasts

Solve your problems without surgical intervention!

What is Si plus?

Si Plus is 100% natural product, consisting of herbal syrup and milk. Si Plus increases defensive ability of the body against free radicals and protects your immune system. Si Plus successfully solves problems that occur in breast tissue (mastopathy, cystic mastopathy, fibroadenomas etc.).

Si Plus syrup normalize hormonal imbalance in the body and reduces the risk factors of developing cancer.Si Plus milk maintains the vitality of breast. 

A large number of users Si Plus preparations, which suffered from various health problems such as mastopathy, cystic mastopathy, hormonal imbalance and other degenerative changes that occurred in the breast tissue, has managed to rapidly solve their health problems, with regular use of preparations Si plus - For healthy women's breast.

Modern medicine has so far these degenerative changes solved exclusively by surgery, Si Plus - For a healthy woman’s breast has changed that.

Patients who used the preparation Si plus - For a healthy woman’s breast , and have diagnosed breast cancer , the composition Si plus - For a healthy woman's breast has helped to alleviate the difficulties caused by chemotherapy and radiation completely disappear .

Preparation Si plus - For a healthy woman's breast is also recommended for people who haven't health problems to strengthen the immune system, detoxifying the body and preventing the occurrence of benign and malignant diseases.

How does Si plus work?

Active compounds in the product Si plus function as powerful antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that protect the body from free radicals. During oxygen binding, they disable free radicals and strengthen defensive abilities of the body.

Numerous studies have shown that antioxidants protect cells from oxidative stress by reducing the risk of degenerative diseases, preserving memory, reducing pain, muscle fatigue, preventing some eye diseases, and even helping against wrinkles. Inter alia, as catchers of free radicals, all antioxidantsa, but polyphenols in particular, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and malignant diseases.

Flavonides and triterpenes, abundant in Si Plus, are well known antioxidants. Recent studies, examining the therapeutic potential of flavonoids, indicate that these plant secondary metabolites may be used in treatment of various diseases. Anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins, present in the product Si plus, are among the main groups of compounds which have antioxidant effects. These two classes of flavonoids are interesting for nutritionists and doctors, due to its potential protective effect against various diseases. Due to the presence of more OH groups, procyanidins show antioxidant and antiradical activity stronger than vitamins E and C.

Si Plus is rich in vitamins (C, B and K), originating mostly from petrovac herb-sticklewort (Agrimoniae herba), in organic acids (nicotinic, palmitic and stearic), and is a true source of minerals (potassium, sodium, manganese, chromium, steel, copper, etc.). especially from blueberry leaf (Myrtilli folium).

Active ingredient of Si Plus, terpinen 4-ol from the essential oil of the juniper berry, Juniperus communis, has diuretic effect and affects the secretion of fluids from the body, which contributes to the elimination of toxins. Carvacrol and p-cymene from the essential oil of winter savory tea herbe (Satureja kitaibelii), contribute to the antimicrobial activity of Si Plus. Due to its high tannin content, the product has a positive effect on acute gastroenteritis, while polysaccharides, originating mainly from the marshmallow root, (Althaeae radix), have a soothing effect on inflammatory processes. These polysaccharides, especially arabinogalactanes may be responsible for the preservation and strengthening of immunity. In vitro studies have shown that the aqueous extract of marshmallow root (Althaeae radix), stimulates phagocytosis, activates neutrophils, induces the release of cytokine, interleukin-6 and TNF factor from monocytes, thus achieving anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect. Also, in experimental studies it has been shown that arabinogalactans can stimulate natural (NK) cell cytotoxicity, as well as improvement of other functional aspects of the immune system, indicating possible application of marshmallow root (Althaeae radix) in prevention or therapeutic purposes, with the aim of helping a weakened immune system at disturbed NK activity, or in chronic viral infections.

The application of Si plus

Si plus dietary supplement, protects you from oxidative stress, chemical radicals, strengthens the cardiovascular system and your immunity.

Si plus is an excellent source of biologically active molecules, natural vitamins and minerals that protect your organism. Antioxidant effect of this product shall significantly help people exposed to stress and heavy physical labor, as well as in the state of long- term exposure to harmful chemical and physical agents.

Mastopathy–free yourself from discomfort with right herbs!

Si Plus-syrup for alleviating the symptoms of mastopathy

Product Si plus is intended for adults.

Particularly, target group may be women whose metabolism changes with the approach of menopause, who are subject to many oxidative stress factors. Consequently, as a result of hormonal fluctuations of female sex hormones and stress, presence of progressive and regressive changes in breast tissue is often observed (mastopathy, cystic mastopathy, etc.).

Symptoms of mastopathy

The main characteristic of mastopathy is the proliferation of connective and epithelial cells, which leads to the formation of cysts or fibroma. Breasts are enlarged, painful; hard lymph nodes may be palpated, especially in the upper outer breast quadrant, and axillary lymph nodes may be swollen. Regardless of whether it is a hormonal disorder, or a stronger influence of estrogen hormone, mastopathy is not a harmless phenomenon, thus regular checks are required - ultrasound and mammography. Normally, mastopathy can occur at any age..

To suppress the symptoms of mastopathy opt for phytotherapy using the product Si plus, which has given excellent results so far. The combination of medicinal herbs in Si plus influences the causes of these changes (oxidative stress), and contributes to the successful elimination or alleviation of all symptoms, with its active ingredients. Diuretic effect of the active ingredients, originating from juniper berries, shall increase excretion of excess fluid that accumulates in the intercellular space and thus reduce pain and tumescence. Other herbs have anti-inflammatory and immunological effect, which is important due to the influence on the possible cystic changes in case of  mastopathy, their reduction and disappearance.

Si plus milk

In addition to Si plus, accompanying Si plus milk based on calendula, avocado, thyme and rosemary, is used as well. The milk has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and it is used twice a day. Due to a possibility that some people may be allergic to certain milk ingredients, it is recommended to do the following test before use: apply the milk on the inner part of the upper arm, near the armpit. Leave for 2-3 hours. If there is no reaction, the milk can be safely used. 

Hygienic-dietary regime

During the use of Si plus, it is recommended to adhere to hygienic-dietary regime: eat diverse types of foods and as little as possible saturated fats. Reduce salt intake. Avoid stressful situations, make sure to get quality sleep as much as possible. Avoid heavy physical labor during which your arms and chest muscles are strained, practice some form of light daily exercises and think positive.


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